Handmade buddy

I know felt long time ago, but not to start to do it by mysf

At last, I spend RM30, to buy all the material, and start to produce the handmade cuties.

And now, I was like so bz on doing the handmade felt for give away. I beg for sample/drawing from Meow or I search it online. I m not confidence enough to draw it my own. I must train more la >.<

Then I come across this website:  http://azlina-lin.blogspot.com/ Wah, the handmade card. Never tot the handmade card can be so properly done. SO TIDY and SMART.

I like the way the creator place the ribbon on paper, i even wonder if she did got some tools to help her place the ribbon? or maybe the card did come with the ribbon design. Wat i meant for the ribbon look like below:


Then you can also see the designer how smartly did the 3D pop up from the center of the card.


Like it alot right? She is now doing the give away.. please refer this post for more information

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