~Home Made~ Harmony Appetizer : Purse

The appetizer for Bluerainy’s Home Made Menu.

The Harmony Purse : It looks like one musical instrument : The Organ

Harmony Purse

RM 35

Size : 13cm x 9 cm (folded)

Product Name:

Harmony Polka Blue Tree (1) - Sold

Harmony Polka Pink Hedgehog  (1)Sold

Status : Available

Drop mail to :  d@wn.bluerainy.com

Cook by Dawn.

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2 Responses to ~Home Made~ Harmony Appetizer : Purse

  1. jihan_pkgmanong says:

    Is harmony Polka Blue tree still available? i want one..

  2. Dawn says:

    Yes, it is still available, I have emailed you the details needed at jihan_p*****ong@yahoo.com

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