RM50 Valentine Voucher + get another FOC RM50 voucher

Dono wat to buy valentine gift for ur girl? let Her decide hersf
, what you can do is http://bluerainy.com/ and buy her a RM50 voucher,let her claim wat she want later. **T&C applied

T & C:
1. voucher’s value is to be spend at any item( material or handmade) at http://bluerainy.com only.
2. free postage within Malaysia on each spent voucher.
3. Voucher is not able to claim back to $$
4. Only claimable by a *Girl* name who been stated when you purchased this voucher.
5. No time limit , meant you can spend for entire year. Fine, the expiration date should be on 31 December 2011. Update me every 3 months for the activation.
6. Send me ur lovely couple ♣*Picture*♣ with *bluerainy’s* item, a posted blog link related with the picture, a posted FB status related with the picture and featured http://bluerainy.com and to be claim another RM50 voucher. Wahahaha. Ya.. ended up, u use RM50 to get another RM50 voucher.. Cool la….

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