Terms & Conditions

The design and pure homemade and handmade all alone by Dawn.  

The product is unique and cant be duplicate.  It is not Perfect hand craft, hope you all understand, but I can ensure that , each piece of the craft is done with heart & sincerely it is for long lasting usage.

For custom made product, 10% would be deposit at first or RM10 which ever is higher. 2 weeks needed for custom made product, usually ASAP.

Dawn is in love with felt, then in love with fabric..and end up as a Home Made Bag cooker, who had hard time looking for a theme for the craftworks . at the moment , opening this so call Home Made restaurant …

Welcome to put order at:  Contact Dawn or leave any comment on related product post.

For your viewing pleasure , few tips that Bluerainy like to remind you:

1. Price quoted in ETSY is in USD , but it is fine for Malaysian who have personally browse this site will have the special rate. Please view Product Gallery For the listed Price in RM.

2. Product Gallery ( Top panel ) is for product that currently do not have ready stock. But you can Request Bluerainy to made it.
3. Ready Stock ( Top Panel ) is for product that currently ready , and what you see is what you get.
4. Handmade Material ( Top Panel ) is for material product , and all are ready stock.
5. Order ( Top panel ) , You can leave Bluerainy message in each of the product page comment or to click on the Order Icon. Or to send Bluerainy mail at d@wn.bluerainy.com ( this is not a fake email, it is wat it is , hehe)

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