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~hand made~ 8.5cm口金包:我的家。。。

// My first machine sew coin purse . Hehe…done it well with my Auntie’s sewing machine. With my lightning speed. haha..and it is the nice outlook I got. Cooool sewing with machine.

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~hand made~ Cozy

Hohoho….the Bird is singing, with my Favorite blue colour..wat do you think? Simply Nice..hahaha… I can put all my things in..my coin purse , handphone and cards ofcos, $$$. If you are interested to have one, please mail me at mailto:  d@wn.bluerainy.com

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~hand made~5cm口金包

my first coin purse , nice and cute. Was for mama mother’s day present, and she have had it ..kaka..but really small, cute, but not really practical..but, still it is super cute. I have made mysf one also , later … Continue reading

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